How to Install Navigation Gesture in the style of iPhone X on All Android

As is well known, new things that are present on Apple-made devices have always been a separate trend for smartphone users. One example is the system gesture that is on the iPhone X. Apple removes the home button and changes the shape of the iPhone X to full screen, the navigation system automatically changes.

Install Navigation Gesture on Android

If you want to feel the iPhone X-style navigation system on Android, now you can use the application called Navigation Gesture made by XDA. Immediately, first download the application and install as usual on Android.

Open the application and then give access to Accessibilty Service then activate Write Secure Settings (for users who have already rooted, just grant access, but if you have not rooted, you can see the following video to activate Write Secure Settings via adb ).
Then open the application and click On on Gesture Enable, the navigation system will automatically change. In the settings page, you can set commands at each gesture. To change the large, small and high buttons can enter the Appearance page. For other additional menus you can get by buying the premium version.
Keep in mind, because this is still the first version of release, it may not run smoothly on some smartphones. But you don't need to worry because in the next Android P update, all the navigation systems will change like that.

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