How to Delete footer Credit Link on the Latest Blogger template

Removing Credits in a licensed blog is one of the actions that is not recommended. This time I will try to divulge how to delete credit without redirecting / mastering the website, but make sure you don't use it arbitrarily on the template that you have chosen, because making the template is not difficult. 

Some people must have done this maybe including you. The hidden Credit Link Footer is usually found in Free / Freelance blogspot templates, credit link footers are arguably the hardest to remove, because this code has been complex and has been removed in several combinations of tags in HTML.

Before I started the trick, I tried this on a number of other templates such as: Sora, BTemplate, and some other templates that I can't mention all. But I remind you again, please do not delete the credit too much to make the manufacturer very angry, at least you left a little link to go to the site. Unless you have your own ownership to the owner and are allowed . 

How to Delete a Credit Link Footer on Blogger 2018.

1. Please login to and enter on the dashboard> Template> Edit HTML 

2. Find This Code CTFL + F " // <! [CDATA [ " After that the image will appear as below this.

Blogger Credit Link Footer

3. Please delete the code " // <! [CDATA [ " 

4. After that, please go to the bottom to change the Credits Template, Link etc. 

5. If it's finished ?, please save the template. 

Credit Link Footer using this method I have tried in almost all the templates I use and the results work !. My recommendation is to buy a template that is licensed premium from publiser, so that your blog stays safe.

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