Pocophone F1 Will Get Android Q Update!

Pocophone F1 may be the most valuable  smartphone for 2018, because it has specifications equivalent to flagship phones but still comes with a very affordable price that starts from RS 20,999  However, the phone is rumored to be still receiving Android updates for 2 years, so it's likely that the smartphone will receive updates to Android Q which will be released next year. 

This has also been confirmed by Jai Mani who is the head of production of Pocophone F1 via his Twitter account. The following are the details:
Of course this is good news not only for users of the Pocophone F1, considering the Pocophone itself is only a Xiaomi sub-brand of cellphones. So, there is a possibility if this will trigger other cellphone sub-brands like Realme (owned by Oppo) and Honor (owned by Huawei) will continue to compete in giving or releasing the latest Android version updates to their cellphones.

As additional information for you, until now there has been no official information from Pocophone regarding the availability of Android Pie updates for his cellphone, but you can try Android Pie Beta on Pocophone F1 via MIUI 10. It's just that, based on the latest rumors that we gets, Android Pie updates for the new Pocophone F1 will be available in Q4 2018 which is likely to be rolled out globally around December.

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