What is Android One - and What are the Advantages of Android One?

Maybe you wonder what is Android One? what are the advantages of Android One? And what is the difference between Android and other smartphones? In this Article we will discuss everything about androiA one.
First you have to understand that the Android ecosystem is complicated , the nature of the open source Android makes many manufacturers release their devices with their own custom Android, as well as with their default appearance and applications too. Say Xiaomi with MIUI, Samsung with Samsung Experience, then OnePlus with Oxygen OS, or Huawei with its EMUI.
Each of these manufactured smartphones has different default applications, different experiences, and a different look. The update is also different, there are manufacturers who diligently release updates - but there are also old ones, or even rarely release updates.

What is Android One

Android One is actually a program from Google that embraces manufacturing to release smartphones with Google's standards. So if there is an Android One phone, then it is sure to come with pure Android experience, built-in with the Google application, no bloatware and duplicate apps from manufacturing, no strange skins, and other weird services - except those that Google has already implanted .
The goal is to bring smartphones with Android experience in accordance with Google standards. So all Android One phones released by any manufacturer will have the same Android experience and appearance, as well as the default applications.
So make no mistake, this Android One is not a version of Android like Android Oreo, Android Pie, and so on - but it is a designation for smartphones that present Android experience according to Google standards on the Android One program.

The advantages of Android One

Then what are the advantages of Android One compared to custom Android made by other manufacturers?
First, of course, the experience of Pure Android is simple, fast, not strange. And because the experience tends to be the same, when you switch from one Android One device to another Android One device, it's sure to be familiar.
Second is the absence of bloatware apps and duplicate apps. If you have ever bought a Samsung cellphone for example, there is already a Photos application there is still a Gallery application, there is a play store there is still a Samsung store, and so on. On Android One you won't find duplicate apps like this, because the default application is just an application from Google, without the addition of other manufactured applications. So Android One phones tend to be free of bloatware.
The third is performance, because with a simple pure Android display, minimal bloatware, and minimal strange services from manufacturing, the Android One phone can have better performance than mobile phones that use custom manufacturing ROMs that are less well optimized.
Fourth there is a guarantee of a better update, although in practice some Android One manufacturers release major updates that are slow, but Google guarantees Android One phones will routinely get security updates, so it's guaranteed to be safer than some manufacturers who may be reluctant to release updates.
But many advantages do not mean there are no shortcomings. Some custom manufacturing Androids like MIUI, Samsung Experience, and others have extra features like duplicate apps, hidden apps, etc. - which might not be on Android One.

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