MIUI 10 Final Review - Performance, New Features, Strengths and Weaknesses of MIUI 10

I will share MIUI 10 experience, starting from the performance, new features, to the advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to watch this MIUI 10 Final video review until it's finished because at the end we will discuss the shortcomings of MIUI 10 Final, which is quite disturbing.

MIUI 10 performance

The final MIUI 10 performance is smoother than MIUI 9. If you previously used MIUI 10 Beta, this final version is already much smoother, the battery is also more durable. And on mi 5, the problem is easily hot which in MIUI 9 is really fast going up, now it's better.
So in terms of performance, there is indeed an increase compared to MIUI 9 before. And you don't need to hesitate, to upgrade to this final MIUI 10.

New look at MIUI 10

In terms of appearance, honestly this is the coolest MIUI display, in my opinion. Before that I didn't really like MIUI, because it looked like it was falling apart, especially in the notification section.
But if you see, the appearance of MIUI 10 is really neat, looks clean and elegant. The animation is also smooth. Seeing notifications now so neat not messy like before, so is the quick action. And the brightness slider becomes more beautiful interactively.
Display settings are also cleaner with a simpler icon. So in terms of appearance, the increase is very clear.

New MIUI 10 features

And now talking about new features, there are some new features that I like, the first recent display apps totally overhauled. This turned out to be really nice to move between applications, it seems like a timeline, and find recent apps to be easier and faster with this new look.
Live swipe Just left right if you want to close, or tap hold to appear menu like lock or split view. Very delicious.
Another new feature is portrait mode, both on the back camera and front camera. So even though your cellphone is single camera, but can take a photo of Bokeh now. The results are pretty good, even though it can't be as good as dual camera, but it's already pretty good. Unfortunately not all Xiaomi series gets this portrait camera feature, check in the description for a complete list of Xiaomi that gets this Bokeh feature.

Portrait shots of Xiaomi cameras

Actually, I want to include this Xiaomi camera portrait shot on the video, but I missed it, so forgive my negligence. For that, I include the following shots of the portrait camera feature on the Mi 5 which is only equipped with a single camera.
Furthermore, there is a new volume slider like in android pie, and this default is immediately a media volume slider, so you can set it quickly with just swipe.
And underneath there is an instant silent menu, which if you tap more, the silent and do not disturb settings will appear, now what I like about this feature is the count down. So you can set to silent or do not disturb for how long, up to eight hours, to finally turn off automatically.
Another new feature in MIUI 10 is that this feature has been on Android Oreo for a long time, but in MIUI 9 some Xiaomi series can't make it, and now it's been brought to MIUI 10. First there is a picture in picture, so it's different from split view yes. This picture in picture application window will be displayed in a small overlay, and this will continue, you can move anywhere, and still appear even if you open other applications. Not all applications support this picture in picture.
And the second feature is autofill, so now you can log in to the android application more easily, because the username and password will be filled automatically according to the data stored on Google.
Furthermore, screen recording can now record sound systems, so you can record gameplay or videos by including the audio. But please check whether at Xiaomi you get this feature, because some users have shared comments if this feature is not on their Xiaomi phone.
And finally if you have Xiaomi full view, there are some new gestures added, but really I can't try this because it doesn't have Xiaomi full view, so please explore yourself in gesture settings.

Lack of MIUI 10

Now, we come to the last segment, where we will discuss the shortcomings of MIUI 10, and what is not good at MIUI 10.
First, MIUI 10 has more ads. On top of this widget ads always appear, whether Tokopedia ads, mi credit ads, and others. Besides that when playing music in music applications, the ads are also very intense. There are really grab Gedhe advertisements, travel advertisements, and other advertisements. In the future, if there is an opportunity, I will share how to get rid of ads at MIUI 10.
And the second drawback, when previously swiped up and came up with google search, in MIUI 10 now if it is swiped it appears browser search. So you can't search for apps here, only you can browse browsing. This is also not very good, if only Xioami implements a search for applications when swiped up and over it might be more useful.
So the two things that are most annoying at MIUI 10 are the advertisements and search gestures from mi browser.

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