Realme Ready to Release the Helio P70-Powered Smartphone | Realme new phone with helio p70

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MediaTek has released its newest chipset, Helio P70. Smartphone with this chipset will soon be found on the market soon. Sub-brand from Oppo, Realme will certainly use it.

In the IMC 2018 event held by MediaTek, Realme confirmed that the next smartphone would use the Helio P60 successor chipset. But Realme is still closing tightly detailed information about the smartphone that will be released.
But, the Realme smartphone with the Helio P70 chipset will be the first smartphone with Helio P70 released in India. This smartphone will also be introduced this year.
MediaTek itself said that the first smartphone with Helio P70 will go on sale as soon as next November.

The Helio P70 chipset comes with various enhancements. MediaTek claims the latest chipset's performance is 13 percent higher than the P60. As for artificial intelligence or AI, the Helio P70 is said to have 30 percent better performance than the P60.
On this Helio P70, smartphone manufacturers can pair a single camera to 32MP or dual resolution with resolutions up to 24MP + 16MP, as well as video recording to 4K resolution. Helio P70 also supports screens up to Full HD + resolution with a screen ratio of up to 20: 9.
Helio P70 still uses the FinFET 12nm fabrication process, similar to Helio P60. This chip is made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).
We look forward to the latest Realme smartphone with MediaTek's latest chipset!

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